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Desktop Computers

Big awkward tower? We can troubleshoot almost any hardware or software issues including upgrades and virus removal. Too cold outside? We offer on-site services too.

Tablet Repairs

There isn’t a lot of support for iPad or Android based tablet repair out there but we do stock some parts and can get others in should our customers have a need. Call us to inquire!

iPhone & Android Repairs

Broken or cracked screen? Weak battery life? Contact us today, we can get most of these issues solved same day for you.

Fast, Convenient & Affordable PC Repair

A broken or malfunctioning laptop or desktop can be a severe inconvenience and if you use or depend on your laptop for work or even a social media addiction. Finding a trustworthy local computer repair store in Brampton can be even more of a challenge since there are so many out there and it’s hard to know who to trust with your data. Common questions we get include ‘How much is this repair going to cost’ and ‘How long will it take?’ While these are certainly good questions to ask before leaving your PC or laptop overnight, the answers can vary a bit. Check out our friends at http://bramptonpcrepair.ca

Some PC repair shops charge hourly and can give you a range of the time expected for your repair to take. For example, a simple hardware upgrade or Windows re-installation usually takes no longer than 1 hour, however diagnosing a case of spyware or malware can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending on how severely your machine is infected. Clarifying the pricing of your specific needs beforehand will give you greater peace of mind knowing the repair or fix you are investing in is actually cost effective.

Another question you may want to inquire about if you are getting a hardware repair or upgrade done is their warranty. Quality components are out there, but they aren’t necessarily easy to find for retailers. Make sure any hardware service or labour is covered by a comprehensive warranty that makes you feel comfortable – most retailers show up in the 60-90 day range, however 1 year is ideal.

Finally, always look into the cost-effectiveness of the repair or service you’re getting done. While certain devices and computers have dropped in price over the past years, in some instances purchasing an entirely new PC is a better decision. The good news is all the common issues people experience with their personal PC or laptop – spills on laptops, power issues and broken LCD screens can all be replaced relatively easily, usually within a day or two.


Can I Fix My Own PC?

Many people will try and minimize time and financial investment by repairing their own computer. We advise against this highly in most cases as most people mess up their installation process the first time around. Each laptop model is a bit different so paying for labour and getting the six month warranty that most Brampton PC repair shops offer is definitely worth more than the time and bit of money saved.

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